CT Pistol Permit Class Info

Pistol Permit Class in CT

Taking your Pistol Permit Class in CT does not have to be an uncomfortable and difficult process. My CT Gun Permit Course starts with learning the diffrent uses of firearms, from self defence in the home, to outside the home and target shooting. You will learn the different calibers of firearms and what type of ammo to use and how to select the right firearm for your needs. 

The Next part of my CT Pistol Permit Class involves firearm safety where you will learn the three most important rules of safe gun handling. You will then learn the general range rules, to keep you safe and those around you safe, in the many Gun Ranges found here in CT. 

As a NRA Certified Instructor, I believe one of the most important parts of a Pistol Permit Course is hands on training. I don't spend countless hours talking about firearms and what you need to do, I believe the best practice and time spent is hands on training. Starting with rubber molded pistols then moving onto actual pistols and revolvers, you will learn the fundamentals of firearms: from proper grips, to sight alignments, stances and how to properly function a semi-automatic pistol and revolver. 

The Classroom portion of the Pistol Permit Class finishes with how to properly maintain your firearm and a review of the CT Pistol Permit application (I provide the application for you) as well as a discussion of CT State firearm Laws. 

After we are done in the classroom, we finish your CT Gun Permit Course by heading down the street for the Live Fire portion of the class to the Gun Range. Here you will put to actual practice what you learned in the classroom where you will fire off 30 rounds total using a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver. 

Upon successful completion of your CT Pistol Permit Class, you will be awarded a NRA Certified Certificate which you will bring to your Local Police Department as part of your CT Pistol Permit Application. 

The classes are kept small (most are 4 or less) to make your learning experience more personalized and involved with less sitting and waiting. 

My CT Pistol Permit Class includes all the necessary materials and equipment to get you the firearm training you need, in a safe, comfortable and fun environment. The price of the Pistol Permit course is only $150, for more information see the Pricing page. 

To find upcoming dates please go to the Class Registration Page or Contact Us for more information on the Pistol Permit Course.  

Offering Instructor Led (NO online Portion Required)

Instructor Led Classes -

These classes are fully taught and conducted with the instructor and in the classroom. A test will be administered at the end of the classroom portion. Upon completion you will complete your training with the live fire portion of the class at the range.

In the Classroom:

Gun Safety Rules

Ammunition Knowledge and Selection

Selecting and Storing a Pistol

Proper Operation of Semi-Automatic Pistols

The Fundamentals of Shooting

Pistol Inspection and Maintenance

At the Range:

Live Firing a total of 30 rounds

.22 Semi-Automatic Pistol

.22 Revolver